SolveCast™ is a new approach to business information

Diagnose your customer pains, solve for your own problems and understand how your business impacts the world.
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A better way to consume business information

Addresses the shortcomings of social media, newsletters and even traditional business news.

Reduced Noise

Social media, newsletters and traditional business sources strain us with information overload. With a problem/solution approach, SolveCast helps you focus on what's important. Learn more...

Relevancy and context

Happy-work-anniversaries and the trending buzzwords of the day aren't necessarily relevant to your business. SolveCast helps you understand the impact of the news in the context of your organization's strategy and its impact on the world. Learn more...

A diverse outside view

Status-quo news sources are controlled by black-box algorithms or curators. So you only see what they want you to see - or what everyone else is seeing. With SolveCast you can identify direct, indirect and edge factors which may have a significant impact on your business. Learn more...

Solve for your world

Just some of the ways SolveCast can help you do your job
Identify Solutions

Powered by machine learning and human perspectives.

Not just technology. SolveCast integrates real human perspectives in combination with machine learning.

SolveCast can integrate stakeholder perspectives, market research, expert viewpoints and the media to help give you a comprehensive and exhaustive set of problem-solution possibilities. You can use SolveCast out-of-the-box with pre-built data sources. Or, SolveCast can be customized to help inform business decisions, including custom research projects with partners. Get into your stakeholders heads and make the information usable.

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Relentlessly focusing on problems and solutions

Using expert perspectives, machine learning and media, SolveCast relentlessly tracks your world's problems and how to solve them. Learn More

Developed by Thabble, working with small business and enterprise for over 10 years

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