This page examines the factors of how Mistake relates to Parenting. We have classified this relationship as Priority.

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  • Mistake

You have pro players missing layups. You have NFL players dropping passes. You have professional baseball players striking out some mistakes are gonna happen. But the one thing is I always use a thing called the one percent rule where you want to get better...So as long as you're getting better, 1% every single day, whether it's on your skillset, your mental over time... you're getting better 1% every day. By the time you get the high school college, you're going to be a great player because you always focused on, hey, I got to get 1% better, and I think that's key because what happens, what tends to happen a lot of times with kids, they either have pressure from their parents or whatever it is. It's they don't think about the big picture. They're just stuck going like the here and now. So you really see that growth. That 1% growth that you talk about.

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