This page examines the factors of how Resilience relates to Building design. We have classified this relationship as Priority.

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  • Resilience

I think before the pandemic, a lot of people we would bring this topic to and suggest let's do, let's, have a resiliency conversation about potential shocks and stressors that might impact your business and your building and how we might plan for it in our building design. But also, how are you as an organization also planning for it. Strengthening relationships with your greater community partners, et cetera. Before COVID those conversations sometimes we'd have clients say, yeah, absolutely. That sounds great. Let's talk about it. Some would say, Oh, we actually have a resiliency expert or a hazard mitigation planning department, but we never talk really to the building department.... Whereas I think now we've seen with COVID that the stronger we can make all connections within our organizations, the stronger or the more able we're going to be to withstand these types of stressors or shocks COVID so I think we'll continue to see more and more interest in conversations around resilience because COVID has made us all realize just how important that is. [more]

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