Pivoting an Import Business During Covid, with Joel Schulman President and Founder EcoMax Lighting

We speak with Joel Schulman, President and Founder of EcoMax lighting about the challenges operating during Covid-19. Joel's business, EcoMax lighting, imports energy efficient lighting from China. In the beginning of the pandemic, well before coronavirus emerged in the United States, his Chinese suppliers were having significant difficulties. In fact, his suppliers proactively began to send Joel's family masks and gloves in preparation for the spread of coronavirus to the United States.

As the pandemic proliferated, due to the severe shortage of PPE in the United States, Joel's company pivoted to distributing PPE and other equipment. From logistics to pricing, Joel describes the challengers in pivoting during this rapidly evolving environment.

Advice for others running businesses during these transformative times? Joel mentions the need to be forward thinking about future consumer needs and proactively preparing your operations to meet these needs.


Morten Seja
Economic Growth Adviser
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