One of them that one of our partnerships works with is sustainable development goal 12, which is about responsible consumption and production. And one of those sub goals is which is to cut the amount of food loss and waste in half by 2030. And that is important for a number of reasons because not only does the food waste include embodied water use and energy use and carbon emissions that then are, for no good purpose. Nope. No good comes out of that. Because it's wasted, but also then the the food creates methane as it decomposes and, it's just. We don't need food waste. Nobody does. So the benefit of having that target is that all the countries, everyone knows we need to get to half. So what can we do? We can measure what, where we're at right now. We can, we, we have that target of how to get to half, and then we are developing solutions to to reach that.