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And on any given day, the map, we can map out where the bad smells are flowing through the atmosphere around Pittsburgh. And those data points correlate with what we see on monitors. And so it helps us detect, so human smell is very sensitive. And the It's a good monitoring technique too, to tune into when something smells bad. And it's one data point that can be combined with what the monitors are showing, what the cameras were showing. We've seen many incidents where some people in a community will smell something. They'll report it on Twitter and recorded on the smell Pittsburgh app that will prompt us to go and look at cameras.
And lo and behold, many times we see. Two hours before that smells detected, there was an eruption at one of these major facilities that exists around the Pittsburgh area. So it's that combination of people and their daily experience and quality of life wanting to improve it. Using technology to record and collect data integrated with other sources of information and data, and then take action.

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