How to Make Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Beautiful with the Land Art Generator

Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian are the founding Co-Directors of The Land Art Generator, a hub for creative competition, education, and research for a renewable energy future. In this episode of SolveCast, they discuss the importance of a cultural revolution on how we view energy, and the small (and big!) steps that we can all take to advance imaginative solutions for the pressing energy problem.

Robert and Elizabeth want to make clear that energy, an integral part of all human life, should be understood and celebrated by all. Our communities should be involved with advances in clean energy without those solutions being an eyesore. The Land Art Generator offers open-call competitions with cash prizes to incentivize everyone from forward-thinking designers and landscape architects to scientists and engineers so that we can all contribute to a better future.

This initiative takes lessons from the mistakes of past energy movements and reveals just how important it is that we get it right this time around. In doing so, they show how sustainable energy goes beyond stereotypical solar panels and how young people will be at the front lines when it comes to designing and implementing a superior, sustainable future.

Join Karrah Krakovyak from SolveCast to hear more about how the Land Art Generator is advancing innovative, artistic, and sustainable approaches to a clean energy transition.


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Trillions of dollars are going to be sent over the next few years to create this energy infrastructure. And, just a very small percentage of that. Put in the hands of, creatives around the world, whether they're landscape architects or artists, designers, working with engineers and scientists, just a small percentage put in the hands of those people could really change the entire impact of that infrastructure has.

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