Building Sustainable Data Centers with Michail Clutter Casne Engineering

We speak to Michail Clutter, Technical Program Manager for Casne Engineering. He talks about the future of data centers, which are increasingly important in a tech-dominated world.

Now, you’ve probably heard about data centers before, but you might not know what they are beyond “just a big room of computers.” Michail gives some insight into these facilities, which power the activities of our smartphones and computers on a massive scale. His job is to make sure that they function smoothly and sustainably, considering the sometimes astronomical amounts of energy - and water - expended by data centers. He thinks we shouldn’t immediately be critical of data centers, especially given the everyday importance of this tech infrastructure.

Michail's message to data center operators and concerned citizens? “You can have your cake and eat it too.” If our computers already have A.C., why can’t they have solar or wind power? Michail discusses data center trends, especially those in sustainability, which can benefit both customers, data center operators – and the world.


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[Data Centers] consume a lot of power to run all these computers, and they generate a lot of heat and that has to be dissipated and that consumes water.

You have to actually know where you're spending your energy. so collecting that, met those metrics. And collecting that data is the first part of where I come in and help them out. just getting that data, then we analyze it and we can look for efficiencies and how they can, operate their business more efficiently, is the key.

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