Creating a Purpose Driven Organization with Kimberli Jeter, Founder River Wolf Group


Linda Hodo
HR/Organizational Development Leader
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The first step is really about authenticity and having an organization be true to, why it was started, how it was created and really live that purpose, but incorporated into its DNA and have it drive the decisions and have it drive the impact it wants to have in the community.

I think right now, one of the first steps to really look at, in terms of authenticity is around diversity inclusion. There have been $46 billion in commitments around diversity inclusion. So I think that's the first part to check is how are we treating our people? What is our diversity look like from our frontline employees all the way up to the board? How are we distributed? How are we paying our employees? Are we paying equitably across gender, across ethnicities and really using the data within the organization to do that first self-check.

And looking for that external lens is being able to take a look at our supply chain. So now I said our people, we're good. We're working on our diversity here. What are we doing about our supply chain is our supply chain diverse? Have we even looked at and considered diversifying our supply chain?

Purpose driven organizations are known to grow three times faster than organizations of similar size. There's demonstrated impact that employees and purpose-driven organizations 90% of them say they're willing to go the extra mile for their organization. And we know employee engagement is a problem across the board.

You're not going to get everything right the first time. And that's okay. And that's what being an authentic, person and a corporation is all about, right? It's our learning journey and our growth. So really that, that focus on evaluation and learning, and then being able to pivot when needed is important.

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