3 Steps to Successful Organizational Leadership with Charlie Bishop

We speak to Charlie Bishop on the three steps to successful organizational leadership.

Dr. Charlie Bishop teaches a 7-week Flevy Executive Learning (FEL) program on Talent Management for C-level and Beyond.


Linda Hodo
HR/Organizational Development Leader
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You're not going to do anything about changing much of anything unless you have good information. And I hate to tell you, we do not have good information about the talent we have in the organization. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/27869-3-steps-to-organizational-leadership-success

So many times human resources is not at the table reason being, they don't have the information, they don't have good information to be at the table. And by that we, we have good information about the you know, EOC coding or who they report to and all that. But the question is, can they be a player for the future? And can they make a difference as we try to change these organizations to become more innovative, more productive, et cetera. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/27869-3-steps-to-organizational-leadership-success

So like diversity, diversity is not human resources, responsibility. It's a business issue. And it's a one that we have to honor our commitment in this area. So goes hand in. So you really have to have, I say, if you're choosing a few people from the executive level, choose a couple who are not pleased with what's happening right now, they want something different. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/27869-3-steps-to-organizational-leadership-success

The first step is the, the fact that human resources and executive management in an organization must be on the same page. So I call that first step, the alignment https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/27869-3-steps-to-organizational-leadership-success

Consumption, meaning you have to put that information there so that the level has information to act upon to deploy. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/27869-3-steps-to-organizational-leadership-success

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