Best Practices in Organizational Excellence, with Dawn Ringrose

We speak to Dawn Ringrose of Organizational Excellence Specialists on the key factors that impact organizational excellence.

Dawn Ringrose is an author on Flevy, the marketplace for business best practices. She also teaches a 7-week Flevy Executive Learning (FEL) program on organizational excellence.


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One of the, one of the findings in terms of the real opportunities for improvement these days is database decision-making. Collecting data and measuring performance and making sure that you can make good decisions on the basis of that data.

Prevention based process management, which is just another way of saying you knew you need to keep track of the way you do your work so that if a problem occurs, you can prevent it from happening again. And it doesn't continue to plague you, so, so those are two characteristics of cultures out there, organizational cultures that I think a lot of organizations are finding it to be a challenge these days.

Another really important principle is alignment because this is where you know, everything in your organization has gotta be in line. With those kinds of corporate statements. And that includes things like strategic plans and business plans and the way the work is done, the way you, you measure performance, the way you work with your employees towards doing a good job, the feedback you provide to them, it's all got to be in alignment because if it's not, that's a waste of time.

Surprisingly things like employee morale are rated a little bit lower and sometimes I think organizations lose sight of the fact how important their employees are and how important it is that they're satisfied and morale is up and they want to continue working there. You've made a big investment in them and you want them to continue. Delivering value to the organization and being happy to be there.

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