Our Segregated and Racist Housing Problem, with Richard Rothstein Author of The Color of Law


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Racial segregation is the most serious social problem that we face in this country. For example, we have an enormous achievement gap in schools between black and white children, black children achieve at much lower levels than white children do. That's almost entirely attributable to the fact that we constant. 
 The most disadvantaged lower-income African-American children in single schools, because those schools are located in segregated neighborhoods. If you have a school that where every child is coming to school with some kind of social economic challenge, it's impossible for that school to achieve at the same level. 

Middle-class families bought homes in those, uh, federally subsidized subdivisions gained over the next couple of generations. From the appreciation and the value of their homes. They use that to send their children to college. They use it to take care of medical emergency perhaps, or a temporary unemployment. 
 They use it for their own retirements and they use it to for wealth, to their children and grandchildren who then had down payments for their own homes. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/39735-our-segregated-and-racist-housing-problem-with-richard-rothstein-author-of-the-color-of-law-2

African-American children have asthma at a higher rate, uh, because, uh, they live in more polluted neighbors. 
 Uh, more trucks driving by their homes, more dilapidated buildings, more vermin than the environment. And if a child has asthma, that child is more likely than the child who doesn't not in every case, but more likely the child who doesn't to come to school drowsy the next day, because the child has been up at night. 

African-Americans the federal housing administration, the veterans administration even required that he placed a clause in the deed of every home prohibiting resale to African-Americans or rental to African-Americans. This was not the action of rogue bureaucrats in the FHA or VA. This was a written federal policy. 

we had 20 million people participate in black lives matter demonstrations a year ago, year and a half ago. Unheard of at any time in our previous history. And most of those 20 million were whites even more unheard of at the time, our previous history that indicates that we have the potential. 

20th century neighborhoods where African-Americans were lived, were typically zoned to permit non-residential uses industrial use sometimes even polluted, uh, polluting, uh, uses, uh, frequently. 
 And there are many examples of the cities located toxic waste. In neighborhoods where African-Americans live, something they would never do in neighborhoods where whites lift. Neighborhoods, particularly in the suburbs now are zoned exclusively for residential use. Many neighborhoods are zoned even for only single family use. 

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