The Characteristics of an Inspiring Leader, with Adam Galinsky, Professor at Columbia Business School


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And so if you look at the core definition of leadership, it's really about influencing and steering people towards some commonly held goal. And so anytime that you're influencing people, you are acting as a leader. And so like if you change someone inside and create even a small wellspring of inspiration, you have essentially led them in some way or change them in some way that you've had that impact.

So it's about, it's about empowering people. It's about developing people. It's about encouraging people. It's about challenging people, but all in the context of also really thinking about what's best for them. 
 So having a sense of sort of empathic sensitivity to situation that they're going on. And I think the final thing about being a great mentor is also just recognizing your behavior really matters when you're already in that position of influence or leadership or inspiration or mentorship.

Being inspiring versus infuriating really comes down to, are you being visionary or small minded or do you have that big picture optimistic, meaningful vision of the future that can be simplified and widely shared?

And so I think that's one thing just to help people think through , is it the job? 
 Is it the work? Is the content or is it the person or the people? And that's a really important distinction to make. If you want to make the right choices in that.

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