How Covid-19 Vaccine relates to Covid-19

COVID-19 Comments
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    Covid-19 Vaccine → Covid-19
    The development of a vaccine is a critical topic related to Covid-19.
  • Jeff Softcheck
    Covid-19 Vaccine → Covid-19
    I think, really, it comes down to now where the vaccines have been available for months. Either you're going to get the vaccine or potentially, you're going to get COVID at some point. 
 And, that's a thing, I think everybody should research for themselves. They should say, Hey, am I going to get the vaccine? Which vaccine am I getting? Talk to your physician, talk to healthcare providers, talk to people you trust, talk to people that have gotten the vaccine. But you really have to, I think put the noise that's out there in social media and the noise that's out there. 
 In the news and in some different places and do the research for yourself, right? Weigh the risk and reward. What is the potential effects of me getting COVID? What is the potential effect? Of me getting the vaccine. And I think most people will come out, talking to their physicians to say, yeah, if I didn't get it already, I plan on getting it.
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