How Natural Ventilation relates to Indoor Air Quality

  • Alan Scott
    Natural Ventilation → Indoor Air Quality
    What is the most effective way that they. 
 Implement changes to, to improve indoor air quality and reduce uh, pathogen, transmission risks and people who occupy the buildings are wanting in that assurance. So, uh, one of the things that we've been doing is testing to show the comparative efficacy, efficacy of different strategies, building owners can implement to help them select the most cost-effective and efficacious, uh,, strategies. 
 to provide the invalidation testing to show uh, to the stakeholders that, that these strategies have been put in place are working. And so a key piece we came out of this is that uh, keeping it simple, it's sometimes best focusing on uh, ventilation effectiveness and, and high quality filtration uh, are as effective or more effective than in most other strategies that they might have.
  • Alan Scott
    Natural Ventilation → Indoor Air Quality
    Especially in those older buildings, many of them were designed before. 
 Air conditioning was introduced and they have operable windows so that even cracking windows open a small amount can significantly increase the dilution ventilation in the space.
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