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If I tell you the story about whose lives are better, because we make this. And I let you know how they feel and how that impacts you. That's a story that people want to listen to. And so I think as architects, it's our job to tell a story in a way that daylights everything, not just numbers that lead to return on investment, not just you'll feel better at night because this building is 4% more efficient.
That doesn't mean anything to anymore. It's all of the things. And it's telling the story in a way of, I'm not going to tell you doing state story about what happens if we don't do this, but I am going to tell you stories about our beautiful future, where we can keep reading the air and drinking the water and eating food, because we have.
And I think that piece is missing sometimes in the presentation of here's your new building.
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We can tell stories and we can tell stories about solar panels and wind farms being put into place. At the same time. It can tell stories about Lake Mead shrinking because Las Vegas grows too quickly. And literally thousands of stories are possible.

Each one though, because they're visual really burn themselves into your retina and get right into your cortex. So it's like a direct path in that lets you emotionally engage with the whole idea that the earth is changing under our feet rapidly because of the decisions we make.
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