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  • Jeff Softcheck
    I think, really, it comes down to now where the vaccines have been available for months. Either you're going to get the vaccine or potentially, you're going to get COVID at some point. 
 And, that's a thing, I think everybody should research for themselves. They should say, Hey, am I going to get the vaccine? Which vaccine am I getting? Talk to your physician, talk to healthcare providers, talk to people you trust, talk to people that have gotten the vaccine. But you really have to, I think put the noise that's out there in social media and the noise that's out there. 
 In the news and in some different places and do the research for yourself, right? Weigh the risk and reward. What is the potential effects of me getting COVID? What is the potential effect? Of me getting the vaccine. And I think most people will come out, talking to their physicians to say, yeah, if I didn't get it already, I plan on getting it.
  • Bill Gates
    I want to set a good example if you're vaccinated you can still transmit it's not as likely but unlike severe disease that is uh becomes extremely rare you still have a possibility of transmission so you know i'm not going to stop wearing masks or you know be careful particularly around older people who haven't been vaccinated.
  • Bill Gates
    The presence of social media plus a pandemic is a combination that's never been tried before and you know nobody would have predicted that I and Dr Fauci would be so prominent in you know really kind of evil theories about you know did we create the pandemic are we trying to profit from it and on and on and so you know I'm very surprised by that i hope it goes away i hope it doesn't hold back you know mask wearing or seeking out vaccines this percentage that's really misled by these conspiracy theories it's unclear to me there's millions of messages out there you know where my name our Dr Fauci's name is used but do people really believe that stuff i'm you know we're going to have to get educated about this over the next year and understand you know what how does it change people's behavior how should we have minimized this either you know working with the social media companies explaining what we're up to in a better way
  • Bill Gates
    When you vaccinate somebody, your immune system figures out how to latch on to part of this protein. When the protein changes, so let’s say this is the original protein, if it changes its shape, any antibody that’s active against this portion of the spike protein will stop working, whereas the antibodies that attack these other parts will continue to work. Now, the virus can’t change the spike protein too much, because that’s how it enters into human cells. And so, mostly when this virus miscopies and changes, it’s a dead end, that virus doesn’t work. But all those copying mistakes, eventually it finds one that’s slightly better, that still enters human cells, and that means that the vaccines are somewhat less effective.
  • Bill Gates
    The mental health of being confined you know a lot of these secondary things are harder to measure than the deaths of course even the deaths we don't find that totally easy to get right but the negative effects outside the deaths are even greater including things like educational deficits that you know a lot of kids will lose more than a year of schooling uh during this this whole process so it's it's a pretty broad impact.
  • SolveCasters
    COVID-19 has impacted income inequality across the U S what communities are hit the most. Well, black Americans have by far the highest, overall COVID-19 mortality rate in the U S as of right now, they're at 80.4 per hundred thousand in the U S which is twice the rate of white Americans in terms of mortality, uwho are at 35.9 deaths per hundred thousand. So double the rate for black Americans. In 2020 more black Americans are going to die of COVID-19 than they, than they would from diabetes, strokes, accidents or pneumonia. So it's very quickly become a prominent killer in the black community. COVID-19 is the third leading cause of death for black Americans right now. Now, how does it, you know, income inequality while we know that racial, ethnic minority groups have, uh, you know, higher poverty rates, but this is, this was an interesting analysis. I found that the state of New York, which actually has the highest income inequality of all States, their mortality rate was also the highest
  • SolveCasters
    So the first key component is that the, you should make very clear that you're asking for a behavior, not just because it's good for you, but it's good for others. So if we're talking about staying home for talking about mass quarantining, there are two key things that does. Number one, it prevents you from getting sick. And number two, is it prevents you from getting others sick. I'm not saying you shouldn't ever talk to people about the risks to themselves but I think you want to be clear about why you're asking somebody to stay home, if you're asking them for their own sake, to be clear about that, if you're asking for society sake, be clear about that and the reason because depending on why you're asking them, they should have a different psychology that gets triggered.
  • SolveCasters
    How common is long covid in kids? That’s the problem—we just don’t know. “There's just a dearth of good, peer-reviewed published medical literature on this topic,” says Alicia Johnston, an infectious disease specialist and head of the new post-covid clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. And the handful of studies that do exist report wildly different rates.
  • SolveCasters
    Melatonin produced in the lungs acts as a barrier defense against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by blocking the expression of genes that encode proteins in cells acting as viral entry points. Pre-clinical and clinical trials will be needed to prove the therapeutic efficacy of melatonin against the virus, the researchers stress in an article on the study published in the journal Melatonin Research.
  • SolveCasters
    We've seen that the COVID-19 epidemic or pandemic has especially affected them some of the most vulnerable populations. So homeless populations and criminal justice populations, especially. And these are also populations that are more predisposed to deal with substance abuse issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has just exacerbated a lot of the underlying conditions of the opioid epidemic.
  • SolveCasters
    NHTSA said recent reports show a 22% increase in vehicle speeds in several metropolitan areas over pre-pandemic numbers. Also, a study found that 65% of drivers treated at trauma centers who were hurt in serious crashes had drugs or alcohol in their systems last year. It was 50.6% before the pandemic, NHTSA said. The agency also said fewer people are wearing seat belts.
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