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8 Critical Priority GREENHOUSE GASSES 1 year ago
7 High Priority RENEWABLE ENERGY 9 months ago
7 High Priority SOLAR ENERGY 1 year ago
7 High Priority NUCLEAR POWER 1 year ago
8 Critical Priority SUSTAINABILITY 1 year ago
7 High Priority HEALTH CARE 1 year ago
7 High Priority SUSTAINABLE ENERGY 1 year ago
7 High Priority NATURAL GAS 1 year ago
7 High Priority EXTINCTION OF SPECIES 1 year ago
8 Critical Priority DROUGHT 1 year ago
7 High Priority WILDLIFE 1 year ago
7 High Priority MILLENNIALS 1 year ago
7 High Priority AMAZON (COMPANY) 1 year ago
8 Critical Priority BUILDING 7 months ago
7 High Priority COMMUNICATION 10 months ago
7 High Priority CONSTRUCTION 1 year ago
7 High Priority DATA VISUALIZATION 10 months ago
7 High Priority DESIGN 10 months ago
7 High Priority MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY 9 months ago
7 High Priority APPAREL INDUSTRY 5 months ago
7 High Priority CARBON CAPTURE 5 months ago
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Bill Gates Bill Gates curated from media.
Breana Wheeler Breana Wheeler became the Director of Operations - US for BRE in May 2016 with a mission to provide a credible, rigorous, science-based option for existing buildings to understand their sustainability performance, set a pathway to improvement and to certify performance where there is value in doing so.
Michael Lenox Professor, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
Hetal Parekh Founder - EnerYields I WELL AP I PhD - Building Performance & Diagnostics
Ashleigh Corker Co-Founder of Proto101
Mike Zeinfeld Strategy and technology, consultant, Founder SolveCast
Alan Scott Sustainability Connector and Architect at Intertek
Beverly Macy Educator at UCLA Anderson and UCLA Extension, Author, Strategic Advisor
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  • From Ashleigh Corker posted by SolveCast
  • 5 months ago
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Ethics of Fast Fashion and the Sustainable Supply Chain, with Ashleigh Corker Co-Founder Proto101

The biggest impact from like a climate change and carbon perspective for clothing tends to be just how much of it we buy. And so when we think about like fast fashion if you're having 24 new launches, a product sort of fashion cycles a year that's really encouraging people to buy a lot more clothing.

  • From Michael Lenox posted by SolveCast
  • 6 months ago
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Sustainability and Innovation Strategies to Combat Climate Change, with Michael Lenox, Professor Darden School of Business

I think people think less about industrials. So everything that we manufacturer and build and mine there's potential for admissions. And in particular, three sectors we highlight in the book are steel, cement and petrochemicals. You know, these are things that are kind of the backbone of our modern society of industrialized world. They have thousands of abuses and, and various products and services and they each have their own particular greenhouse gas emissions that they create in the production again of steel and cement and petrochemicals.

  • From Breana Wheeler posted by SolveCast
  • 7 months ago
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  • Starts 205 seconds

Healthy Buildings for a Post Pandemic World

What do we do with all this building stock now, 5.6 million existing buildings in the US, we're actually building in more problems for ourselves to potentially. So how are we going to address that?
It's a huge issue. And of course, lots of different industries, lots of different players in it. You have owners who, are buying and selling assets. They're trying to determine value and make a return on their investments. You have tenants who are using these buildings. Not always the most effectively, but also have a really big decisive factor in how these buildings operate.
There's a lot of different pieces and trying to kind of pull all these bits together and, kind of focus them on that big picture of how do we get to net zero is pretty daunting.