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7 High Priority EXPERIMENTING 1 year ago
7 High Priority DIVERSITY 1 year ago
2 Average Priority SPACE COMMERCE 10 months ago
7 High Priority MARKET RISK 1 year ago
7 High Priority AUTHENTICITY 1 year ago
7 High Priority SUSTAINABILITY 10 months ago
2 Average Priority AGRICULTURE 7 months ago
7 High Priority MENTAL HEALTH 1 year ago
7 High Priority PURPOSE 1 year ago
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US Media Insight Search Automated custom media search, focusing on United States with focus on results that would yield innovation.
Space Commerce Matters Space Commerce Matters focuses on all aspects of building a sustainable marketplace in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and driving innovation and commercialization to create a robust space economy.
Michael Lenox Professor, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
Worldwide Media Automatically generated from scanning world media.
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  • From Michael Lenox posted by SolveCast
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Sustainability and Innovation Strategies to Combat Climate Change, with Michael Lenox, Professor Darden School of Business

I think what we've seen over the last 30 years, let's say in the business community is this has moved from what was kind of in the periphery of the organization, maybe in legal compliance, environmental health, and safety to the boardroom.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Space Commercialization

What we have found is there are lots of applications and we have worked with lots of companies, both big fortune 500, as well as startup,
bringing their cutting edge research or manufacturing to space so that they could actually achieve higher quality products, better performance products, novel materials, and increased R&D throughput.

  • From SolveCasters posted by SolveCast
  • 1 year ago
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Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace with Kelly Greenwood, CEO Mind Share Partners

The three evidence-based ways for reducing stigma around mental health specifically are social contact, peer support and education. And so that's really how we think about out three different programs at Mind Share partners. One of the most powerful things that we see are when leaders really speak up, especially in the C-suite since there are ultimately the culture setters of an organization and they can do so in an ally capacity, if they either don't have a mental health challenge of their own or if they're not comfortable speaking about it, but to have that message come from the top really gives other people permission to have these conversations at work