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  • Davina Stanley Communication Strategist and Coach
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  • Davina Stanley
    The other dimension is the importance of the communication. I think there are two ways to thinking about that, firstly, the seniority of the audience. So that could be you know, if, if you're sending something to somebody very senior in your organization or externally somebody who matters a lot to your organization, maybe a really big customer or something like that, or it could be just the impact or the message.
  • Davina Stanley
    I think there's something with this speed of business and speed of working where we really need to be thinking a whole lot more before we send anything out and, you know, preparing
  • Davina Stanley
    When you understand yourself, then it's so much easier to understand other people and adjust accordingly to know where you're coming from.
  • Davina Stanley
    How many people are you sending this email to think about email or any sort of communication? Really? How many people are you communicating to? And if you're going more than let's say, just pick an arbitrary number and say 10, then you think, okay, well, what does that mean?
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