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Solving for the Future of Food with Daniel Ruben, Food Tech Advisor

So we'll see more automation, we'll see, send source, AI and data and machine learning. we'll see a lot more systems that will help farmers to 📍 understand what's going on from satellites to drones, to sensory stick in the ground. Automation and drones that can help, with, reducing, pesticides and herbicides.

So that can actually target, the weeds, and also reduce the need for farm labor. this labor is really hard, especially the high touch crops, like strawberries and peppers and so on. can be expensive to have foreign labor. It can be tough work, and also, hard to get farm labor with COVID.

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Solving for the Future of Food with Daniel Ruben, Food Tech Advisor

Protix in the Netherlands. they can source things like food waste, old fruits and vegetables. the insects will eat this and then the insects can be fed to egg laying hands, for example. So you have a more circular, circular food system. In another example, in the food waste space, which is exciting, I think it's, Apeel sciences from California. They developed this, invisible coding around fruits and vegetables. It's organic. It's transparent. It doesn't taste anything, but it increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Two, three, four X. So basically, slowing down the process whereby the fruit or vegetable, dehydrates and stopping air from coming in and thus reducing the need for plastics to protect the fruits and vegetables, and also increased in shelf life.

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Technology for the Production of Breast Milk Outside the Body with Michelle Eger, Co-Founder & CEO at BIOMILQ

Honestly the bigger hurdle for us is going to be regulatory approval. We're probably three to five years from market. As we should be, I think feeding the most precious beings on the planet, you like should have to prove that the product safe and effective. But it's challenging, in a world of breastmilk where we know more about the male prostate than we do about the components of breast milk.

It means that there's a lot of scientific legwork that has to be done as us as a company, not just for our technology, but for the entire field of infant nutrition and breast milk. And it's a slow process. We're building a lot of expertise, really pioneering, lactation science at this point, we started to look around and realize there's really nobody else who knows more than us which is exciting, but also scary when you get to that point as a company.

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