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  • Adam Galinsky
    So it's about, it's about empowering people. It's about developing people. It's about encouraging people. It's about challenging people, but all in the context of also really thinking about what's best for them. 
 So having a sense of sort of empathic sensitivity to situation that they're going on. And I think the final thing about being a great mentor is also just recognizing your behavior really matters when you're already in that position of influence or leadership or inspiration or mentorship. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/43702-the-characteristics-of-an-inspiring-leader-with-adam-galinsky-professor-at-columbia-business-school
  • SolveCasters
    The fourth limiting belief is my job is to judge and evaluate... especially as white leaders, the four more really powerful words are, I don't know yet. . And then holding space to listen and owning our complicity, owning our part of the structure and being willing to listen and elevate different voices and validate experience and then learn and try new things. And that's a vulnerability that is required of us as leaders to learn. It's not an option. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/25770-moving-from-limiting-beliefs-to-liberating-truths-how-leaders-and-organizations-can-find-the-four-paths-to-recovery
  • SolveCasters
    The limiting belief is leaders know the best answers are the right answers. And I would say the liberating truth on that is leaders ask great questions and leaders know how to motivate, to get the best out of teams. And sometimes that's by providing guidance and direction. But a lot of times that's by allowing their employees to bring their best to the table, encouraging what is possible, bring innovation, giving critical feedback a hundred percent because we believe better exists. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/25770-moving-from-limiting-beliefs-to-liberating-truths-how-leaders-and-organizations-can-find-the-four-paths-to-recovery
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