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  • SolveCasters
    Clark held empathy to be something quite different from sentimentality or pity, which were delivered from a position of superiority. Empathy, in contrast, acknowledged the underlying similarity of the human condition and, thus, created a foundation of mutual respect that could reach across racial lines. But empathy required work, notably rigorous self-examination. “Any genuine relationship between Negro and white must face honestly all of the ambivalences both feel for each other. Each must identify with the other without sentiment.” Whites had to abandon “the fantasy of aristocracy or superiority,” and white liberals had to dispense with “the fantasy of purity,” or the idea that they were free of prejudice. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/02/22/why-empathy-is-key-dismantling-white-racism/
  • Mohak Chauhan
    We need to maintain an equitable share of housing between different socioeconomic classes, people. 
 there are serious problems like homeless. And, you know, displacement, and that leads to even more serious problems like racial injustice, and part of it's can be avoided if we promote and provide affordable housing. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/41304-affordable-housing-and-sustainability-with-mohak-chauhan
  • Mike Zeinfeld
    People of color, and especially Black Americans are underrepresented, overrepresented, or experience different treatment from their white counterparts.
  • Richard Rothstein
    we had 20 million people participate in black lives matter demonstrations a year ago, year and a half ago. Unheard of at any time in our previous history. And most of those 20 million were whites even more unheard of at the time, our previous history that indicates that we have the potential. 
  • Jonathan Miller
    Out of the 400 industries that are tracked by the bureau labor statistics my industry is the least diverse. We're less diverse than ranchers and farmers. And a big part of the reason is our leadership is not diverse at all. And has not addressed, or is not even aware or wasn't aware until people like myself and a handful of others, or more than a handful have really brought this message out. So I think the biggest thing is being very public about it and bringing a focus on diversity and leadership otherwise, there's no hope for a solution. https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/26189-impact-of-remote-work-on-real-estate-with-jonathan-miller-president-ceo-miller-samuel-inc
  • SolveCasters
    The majority of these vacant lots in the city are concentrated in black and brown communities that have been also happened to be low income. That also are already underserved in respect to high quality public spaces and not have all of these vacant lots that are overgrown and unmaintained that are negatively affecting their quality of life as far as you know, beautification of their community, property values and things like that. And so not only is there an absence of a surplus of green spaces, there's an active element working against even just existing in a beautiful place for which to recreate. And so for us, that's an opportunity to correct. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/23828-land-stewardship-for-lasting-community-health-and-change-with-ariam-ford-executive-director-at-grounded-strategies
  • SolveCasters
    I also want to highlight that Portland has a a very racist, white dominant history as a city. And we're as a community working to dismantle that racism that's been institutionalized and internalized in most of us. And how can we do that? Utilizing The Redd facility and creating access for opportunity and shifting power to folks who have been marginalized out of the system. And what does that look like and how can we create a platform for it, with the infrastructure that we have and the gathering spaces. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/19070-building-a-sustainable-and-just-food-system-with-emma-sharer-ecotrust-investments
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