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  • Richard Rothstein
    Racial segregation is the most serious social problem that we face in this country. For example, we have an enormous achievement gap in schools between black and white children, black children achieve at much lower levels than white children do. That's almost entirely attributable to the fact that we constant. 
 The most disadvantaged lower-income African-American children in single schools, because those schools are located in segregated neighborhoods. If you have a school that where every child is coming to school with some kind of social economic challenge, it's impossible for that school to achieve at the same level. 
  • SolveCasters
    The income inequality is more prominent in the U S than just about every other developed country. According to the census about 12% of Americans were at or below the federal poverty level in 2018. That doesn't sound so bad, right? 12% until you know, that the federal poverty level, uh, in that year was $20,212 for a family with two adults and one child. Even if we double that threshold to 200% of the poverty level or roughly a $40,000 per year. 30% of Americans, uh, in 2018 were in that income bracket. That's a lot of people. And remember 2018 was during good economic times when we were finally starting to see some marginal improvements, uh, after the great recession for the poorest workers. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/14819-solving-for-covid-19-and-income-inequality-with-tatiana-bailey-ph-d-director-uccs-economic-forum
  • SolveCasters
    The economy is made up of people and they determined both demand through their consumption and through supply in what they produce when they work. It's pretty simple, but income doesn't have to be equal between individuals or households necessarily, but if you have a large chasm in income where some portion of the population makes, say one, 100th, Of what another portion makes. And if that lower socioeconomic group struggles to have basic needs met, um, and their consumption is also curtailed, all kinds of distortions can happen. http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/14819-solving-for-covid-19-and-income-inequality-with-tatiana-bailey-ph-d-director-uccs-economic-forum
  • SolveCasters
    We explore channels through which the increase may have occurred including increases in economic activity, increases in wildfires, and decreases in Clean Air Act enforcement actions. The health implications of this increase in PM2.5 between 2016 and 2018 are significant. The increase was associated with 9,700 additional premature deaths in 2018. https://www.nber.org/papers/w26381 #50 #air-pollution
  • Mohak Chauhan
    if, and if you look at the data from national low income housing coalition, 7.2 million more affordable housing units are needed for extremely low income families in the us. So that's the importance of providing affordable housing in the U S https://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/41304-affordable-housing-and-sustainability-with-mohak-chauhan
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