Illinois Covid Update Week of Aug 9 2021

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I think, really, it comes down to now where the vaccines have been available for months. Either you're going to get the vaccine or potentially, you're going to get COVID at some point. 
 And, that's a thing, I think everybody should research for themselves. They should say, Hey, am I going to get the vaccine? Which vaccine am I getting? Talk to your physician, talk to healthcare providers, talk to people you trust, talk to people that have gotten the vaccine. But you really have to, I think put the noise that's out there in social media and the noise that's out there. 
 In the news and in some different places and do the research for yourself, right? Weigh the risk and reward. What is the potential effects of me getting COVID? What is the potential effect? Of me getting the vaccine. And I think most people will come out, talking to their physicians to say, yeah, if I didn't get it already, I plan on getting it.

But my point is, this is the largest clinical trial in the history of medicine, not just the U S in the history of medicine, nothing has ever come close to this. This is the moon. And then some, we went to, instead of going to the moon, we did, I'd go straight to Mars and skip the moon.

I wear a mask, to the gym now I don't worry about myself as much, but knowing that I could, contract it'd be a breakthrough case, spread it somewhere, at work at the gym, to my family, all those things. Right. So it's, to me it's more about a matter of respect, I don't look at it as a, something I, have to. 
 Have to do I want to do it right. I want to make sure that I am as respectful and protecting is as I can be to those that I come into contact daily, especially with the numbers rising right now

I wanted to talk a little bit about the data that's coming out of the UK so on the top, you've got cases in the middle hospitalizations and deaths. 
 So, this Here over here in January is when they sort of peaked before Delta. So this first peak here is bef pre Delta and pre vaccine. And the second peak here in July is Delta post vaccine. So you can see so cases, this Delta peak went up almost as much as they did back in the earlier piece. 
 But you could see hospitalizations only went up a third and you could see deaths. I think they never got above 70

But really, as we've seen that, and we've seen the Delta variant really starts to break its way into Illinois here, we're seeing the positivity rate go back up and really that's the non-vaccinated population. For the most part, we are seeing breakthrough cases, that is happening. We are seeing some transmission to those people who have been fully vaccinate.

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