Affordable Housing and Sustainability with Mohak Chauhan


Karrah Krakovyak
Sustainability Innovator
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We need to maintain an equitable share of housing between different socioeconomic classes, people. 
 there are serious problems like homeless. And, you know, displacement, and that leads to even more serious problems like racial injustice, and part of it's can be avoided if we promote and provide affordable housing.

if, and if you look at the data from national low income housing coalition, 7.2 million more affordable housing units are needed for extremely low income families in the us. So that's the importance of providing affordable housing in the U S

this program has really made a difference over, over the last few years. And one of the other strategies, which I personally like to talk about is community land trust. So in one of my organizations, Oakland, Oakland planning and development corporation, we have our own we have our own Oakland CLT and What a community land trust does, is it separates the ownership of the land from the home. 
 And you know, the land is permanently owned by the community land trust. So even when the home transfers from one owner to another owner, it has made sure that it is, you know, it has, it has made sure that the permanent affordability is maintained over the house.

The very first intersection is the green interest sectors or the green spaces should be more equitable. 
 And w what does that mean is, you know, the green projects should not be just concentrated to a particular location or to a particular socioeconomic class people, other than it should be deployed everywhere, and people should have equal access to the green spaces.

Modular constructing houses rather than the conventional construction houses... So these modular units are more energy efficient, and it makes a little more sense when we think about life cycle analysis and, you know, the building material and the supply chain of, of the building materials.

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