James Erskine

By James Erskine
A founding father of social media and influencer marketing in the UK

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A founding father of social media and influencer marketing in the UK

James is an entrepreneur and has over 20 years of media , marketing and strategy , content and digital experience. . He created the UK’s first social influencer agency and the UK’s first podcast network and agency. He has worked alongside and advised marketing teams globally working with brands like Vodafone the UK Central Office of Information, Penguin Random House, several UK Universities, Channel 4, Master Card and ITV. He advised the UK government on emerging media in 2017 at a parliament committee. He is often asked to comment on the media, tech, advertising and marketing world across global media including Sky News and BBC World News. He currently heads up rocket, a youth content and youth marketing business . You can find out more about rocket at and he is @jameserskine on Twitter.


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