SolveCast™ is a media and software company that helps organizations and individuals connect problems to solutions.

From climate change to technological advances, the world is experiencing rapid transformation. However, today's social media and news sources aren't designed to help address this dynamic. Media often focuses on what's new rather than what's important. Information is reducing connections rather than increasing empathy. Content is distracting us, rather than helping us solve for what matters most.

SolveCast is a content platform designed to connect problems and solutions. There are two primary elements to SolveCast: content publishing and our app platform.

Content Publishing
Our content network is designed to generate empathy, imagine possibilities and find answers. With dozens of podcasters and editorial support, we create and curate content that helps solve for the complex world of stakeholder needs, such as that of customers, the planet and communities. Topics include business, health/medicine, technology, policy, lifestyle and more.

SolveCast™ App
A dashboard that helps you focus on what's important. For individuals, this includes managing the most important aspects of your life - such as your health, your family, your community, your career and your environment. For business, it means continuously learning about the outside world through the lens of your customers, employees, investors, communities and other stakeholders. The app is in beta, but you can check out a preview all through For example, here is how the app aggregates sustainability.

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SolveCast For Business

The amount of content available is staggering. There are over 48 million podcast episodes in existence. Five hundred million tweets per day. Two million posts, articles, and videos are published on LinkedIn every day.

But your objective is simple - solve for stakeholder needs.

At SolveCast, we help organizations create, organize and distribute content that solves.

Content Creation

Creating quality media - to be used internally or externally - is expensive and time consuming. Leverage the SolveCast community of podcasters and editorial support to help create content assets for brand, including audio, video and rich media.

Content & Social Marketing Support

SolveCast uses a combination of machine learning and curation to help leverage your organization's knowledge and content library. For example, we can transform a long webinar to high-value snippets for your social media initiatives.

SolveCast App

SolveCast app allows your organization to view the world through the lens of the problems it is trying to solve. It continuously scans the world's media to aggregate problems and solutions.

The app is in beta, but you can check out a preview all through (For example, here is how the app aggregates sustainability).

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