Cortney Goodstadt

By Cortney Goodstadt
I’m a Doctor of physical therapy and functional medicine practitioner

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I’m a Doctor of physical therapy and functional medicine practitioner

Cortney received a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy in 2001, and her Doctorate in 2010. In her career, she has treated a variety of conditions and patient populations. She has found her passion in treating older adults with chronic conditions and medical complexities. Through her experiences, both professional and personal, Cortney noticed the existing blocks with the traditional treatment model. She discovered this firsthand when she sought treatment for her own symptoms. She quickly realized that only addressing the symptoms rather than a whole-body approach will not regain health. Becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach provided her with the education and skills to bridge the gap that is seen in today’s healthcare. Cortney continued to receive further training in functional medicine. The combination of Cortney’s physical therapy background and health coaching training has given her the tools to work with patients in achieving their health and wellness goals. Cortney’s mission is to empower patients to achieve optimal function by providing education, guidance, and support throughout their healing journey. Cortney is passionate about teaching others the ability to take control of their health through lifestyle changes. She has written online blogs, articles, and has spoken on health and wellness podcasts.


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