Kim Magers

By Kim Magers
Wife, Mom, San Diego Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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Wife, Mom, San Diego Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I started my photography business five years ago after having my first daughter. Photography and fitness was a way of helping me find myself again when I was battling postpartum depression and anxiety. I’ve successfully been able to hustle and bustle my business and create a steady income/steady clientele all from word of mouth. I am in a place where I’d like to experience more growth, encourage others in whatever walk of photography they might be in at the moment. I struggled for the longest time with not having support from other photographers due to the competitive nature of others and I know I can not be the only one who has felt that way- so my desire is to be a support to others in this industry. I’ve dealt with all the feelings of imposter syndrome, anxiety before each photoshoot but I’ve never given into those emotions and keep pursuing my love and passion for what I do.


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