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Award-winning actor seeking to add value to your podcast

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Award-winning actor seeking to add value to your podcast

Anthony Velvet Hall is an American actor with more than 20 film, television and new media credits to his name. A self-taught and continuing student of the world-renowned Chubbock technique, Anthony has appeared on shows such as TV One’s Fatal Attraction and the ID Channel’s Murder Chose Me. Anthony was awarded the Bosses and Bossettas Platinum Gala 2022 Rising Actor. Beyond the screen, Anthony is a four-time Amazon best-selling author. Anthony holds an Associates Degree from Georgia Military College as well as a Bachelors of Science Degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Sales and Marketing from DeVry University. Anthony is also the owner of Planet Velvet, LLC – an upstart multimedia company based in Milledgeville, GA.


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