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Why apartment investing, everyone NEEDS a place to live but not everyone needs a PHYSICAL place to w...

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Why apartment investing, everyone NEEDS a place to live but not everyone needs a PHYSICAL place to work.

To save you time, this deals with apartment investing and compares/contrasts to office, retail, malls, and NNN freestanding retail investments. I raise equity for a father/son syndication, have owned (and currently own) projects with them and other partners- been with them for 20 years. Before that closed over 600 commercial leases mostly from the landlord side so understand breakevens of the heavy front loaded office lease as well as precarious deal structure of retail leases and why it tips them towards failure. Inside knowledge of "initial term" NNN freestanding deals, why the AAA corp guaranty may work against you, the multiple options to renew at preset rent increases are NOT firm, and what to do if your sole tenant moves out. Lots of data, trends and actionable tips given. I have an ebook launch, "Fearless Apartment investing, Escape the Rollercoaster of Market Volatility" in mid June, will give it away for free to your audience. I keep up with trends due to constant questions from prospects calling me and existing partners. Office issues, work from home, massive office loan defaults, shrinking office "footprints" and the choices between A,B,C, and D are shrinking while vacancies are soaring. With apartments, we reverse engineer our investments to target a desired tenant base. Like office classes, I show why B is our choice, how A's struggle with costly demanding tenant turnover, how C's largely fall into "the Class C slide", and why D's are the best return going in and why to run! I am not afraid to "jump in the deep end of the pool", developed a Class A, 22-SFH subdivision 2 hours away with remote teams. I had no operational partners, no experience in SFH, and weathered hurricane Harvey that dumped 60 inches of rain and flooded my entire subdivision! Funny (now) story to fall back on. Hope to hear from you. Mike O'Meara. 713-553-1590


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