A new approach to business news and information

The way we stay up to date with business news and information just isn't working. SolveCast keeps your organization informed by diagnosing problems, finding solutions and enhancing stakeholder empathy.
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SolveCast For Business

Finally, a business news and information source that helps your job, your organization and the world.

An enterprise tool to help you and your team process and integrate the news into something useful without significant effort.
Identify Solutions

How SolveCast Works

Instead of links, text and media, SolveCast primarily uses "Blocks" to help you understand your business.

"Blocks" are generated using machine learning from sources including the media, industry experts and market research. You can also define your own Blocks such as stakeholders, products, personas, needs and more. What emerges is a comprehensive and exhaustive list of factors for any given aspect of your business.

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SolveCast addresses the shortcomings of social media, newsletters and business journals

Reduced Noise

Social media, newsletters and traditional business sources strain us with information overload. SolveCast helps you focus on what's important, rather than what's new.

Clearer Content

Traditional information sources often create a gap between what the author intends to say versus what is interpreted. SolveCast content is structured to remove ambiguity and therefore help you make faster, more informed decisions.

Relevancy and context

SolveCast helps you understand the implications of the news in the context of your organization's strategy, its effect on key stakeholders and how your activities impact the world.

A diverse outside view

Traditional media is either curated or based on an algorithm. With SolveCast you can compare different cross-domain perspectives, including an inside versus an outside view.

Continuously map your business to strategic frameworks

Strategy shouldn't live on a static Powerpoint slide.

The study of management has produced countless frameworks to help guide how we think about business. However, it is difficult to continuously update frameworks given our fast-changing business environments. And, it is a challenge to synthesize frameworks from the vast amounts of information. SolveCast organizes news into virtually any strategic framework. And, unlike a strategy on a Powerpoint slide, SolveCast continuously informs your strategy to drive innovation and growth.

  • SWOT
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Impact/Effort
  • More
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SolveCast In Action

Just a few examples of how SolveCast helps you do your thing.
75% of business leaders say they want content that helps them do their job.
Only 17% of executives consider business content from social media valuable.
Information overload costs businesses an estimated $900 billion per year in lowered employee productivity and reduced innovation.
8/10 executives say that their business is geared toward confirming existing hypothesis, rather than exploring new possibilities.

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