Transform the news for the role of C-Suite

Transform the news to help drive effective leadership

Transform news and information to help make C-Suite decisions.

As someone who is responsible for the high level direction of your organization, you are constantly seeking out information and insights to help identify opportunities and threats. However, traditional news sources are noisy and it is difficult to relate information back to strategy.

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A business news and information source that helps with C-Suite

Drive market intelligence.

Understand current and evolving trends. SolveCast monitors thousands of media sources to help identify new trends. Additionally, add your own custom data sources such as internal and external market research.

Link the news to strategy

Save time and effectively leverage the news to inform an effective strategic plan. As your environment changes, automatically receive suggestions on new factors to consider.

Create stakeholder empathy.

Whether it is your customers, business units or partners, identifying unmet needs means stepping into someone else's shoes. SolveCast allows you to map perspectives in one place. Pick any element of your business and understand views from various stakeholders, including the voice of the customer (VOC).

Ensure company maintains high social responsibility.

Identity and determine the factors that may impact how your business activities impact the world.

Find opportunities.

Continuously monitor the world to identify white space.

Assess risks.

Assess risks to your business and/or projects, ensuring they are monitored and minimized.

Continuously map your business to strategic frameworks

Strategy shouldn't live on a static Powerpoint slide.

The study of management has produced countless frameworks to help guide how we think about business. However, it is difficult to continuously update frameworks given our fast-changing business environments. And, it is a challenge to synthesize frameworks from the vast amounts of information. SolveCast organizes news into virtually any strategic framework. And, unlike a strategy on a Powerpoint slide, SolveCast continuously informs your strategy to drive innovation and growth.

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