All your topics, visualized like never before.

Solve for your world before you solve for the world. Using tools like the priority matrix, easily visualize and prioritize the topics that matter most. Use these topics to build your online persona and, if you choose, share with the world what you're solving for.

Networking that's actually fun? Yes. Powered by You + ChatGPT.

Use AI to make networking and brainstorming fun. Your core topics shape an AI persona, helping you connect with others in the backdrop. Build meaningful connections based on priorities, not spammy factors such as likes and follows.

Ideas that define, not content that distracts.

Solvecast™ helps transform the world's content into ideas. While others flood you with articles, Solvecast zeroes in on meaningful ideas - recommendations, insights, innovations, communications and more. Get ready for a paradigm shift - from content consumption to idea generation.

We are currently in closed beta, but please contact us for more info